Thursday, 1 February 2007

Heat wave hip shake

The week has been smudged over with work and general blue-ness. It is also 13 degrees. I'm bloody roasting. The heaters on the trains are still on full blast. My body is freaking out and I feel like one big headache.
The better news doesn't even involve me. My parents are going to Bellydance Superstars this weekend in Vancouver. They even have front row tickets. My determination to go to a cool, funky show has now increased. On Saturday I shall attempt to secure a ticket to see African Soul Rebels 2007.
Perhaps when I hold that hot little ticket in my hand I shall feel more cheerful. Perhaps.


kryce said...

i once had tickets to "peter shambley's all you can eat pork buffet and unicycle boxing".
we sat there and watched peter consume pork at an exponential rate, then were amazed to see him hop on a unicycle and proceed to beat the crap out of some dude.

adrianne said...

bellydance superstars!!?! that i would pay to see...i mean, not the superstars, but siggy and stephanie watching them

Anonymous said...

For the record, my mom rocks the dancefloor.
Kryce - for some reason I have an image of you sitting there looking serious and taking notes. Ah, yes - see how he used one of the spokes to subdue his opponent...

So- (can't be bothered to sign in)

peter shambley said...

actually, spoke use is strictly forbidden by the UUBF (United Unicycle Boxing Federation)