Monday, 8 January 2007

Feather boa therapy

I hate feeling rushed. It makes me very angry. Being rushed is not my natural state - my rhythm is slow, deep. Errr. I am trying to slow down, trying not to feel so completely...set people.
Edinburgh is returning to the Dark Time (capitals necessary to denote the seriousness of the Grey that has overwhelmed the world). The bright lights of the rides which dominate the new town during the holidays are being taken down. I didn't go on any of the rides this year - not after fearing for my life last December as my body was hurled repeatedly toward the Walter Scott monument. That's him sitting glumly behind the chair-o-plane ride. I did enjoy the ferris wheel - looking in on the third story of the shops across the street.
Breathe...remembering that February is the time of one of my favourite festivals - the International Festival of Middle Eastern Spirituality and Peace. Last year I heard stories of ancient Iraq, accompanied by harp music. And this year I have put wee stars beside the following events:
*Day Workshop - the creative spirit. Art therapy and action drama
*Moroccan Day/Night - food and music and stuff
*Belly Dance Banquet
*Felix Femina - Canty(the medieval female quartet from Cappella Nova) - celebrating 13th century Scottish polyphony. This is the event I'm most excited about. According to the brochure: "This exquisite music from the St Andrews music book takes you back to the moment when Queen Margaret of Scotaldn was made a saint, and to a time when pilgrims journeyed to St Andrews to visit the apostle's tomb." That and Felix Femina is a wonderfully lush name and I want to go just to hear one of the women announce it.
*Workshop on spiritual poetry and story-telling. With an introduction on the poems and stories handed down from Sufi shaikhs.

There is also a workshop on chanting led by a group of musicians who practice Sahaja Yoga, and a concert of Armenian folk and sacrad music. I won't be able to attend everything but needless to say, it's my kind of festival. Last year I also saw the most incredible belly dancer. She smiled and was so coy while she danced but as soon as she would turn to leave the stage after a dance, I would catch a glimpse of her profile, and her features falling into sorrow.

OK. Feeling a bit better now. The best name of the day, as read on one of the orders I was working on: Sequin Regine. Love it. I want to change it to Sequin Rouge. Make her a burlesque dancer with a fantastic corset collection. And a red feather boa named rapture.
Now I'm really feeling better.

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