Monday, 18 June 2007

Canadian Goodies!

Now that's what I call a parcel! I left work early so I could pick it up from the post office, where the ladies behind the counter told me how they had been admiring the dramatic flourish of stamps. It all became clear when I explained that my aunt works for Canada Post. I drew many stares walking through town carrying this box, and when I got home I tore it open (after taking photos).
Kraft Dinner! Six boxes! With nuclear orange cheese product! And two bottles of Summerland Sweet blueberry syrup! A forever sharp knife! And two - I said two - towels! (Towels not shown)
Hooray! Thank you, Tante Karla! This Sunday will see the return of the banana chocolate chip pancakes with blueberry syrup.


Anonymous said...

next time make sure she includes a hockey puck.

PurestGreen said...

I was really yearning after some peanut butter (not a common thing over here), but alas I shall have to do without.