Monday, 18 June 2007

Rosslyn Chapel

Despite the initial shock of having to shell out £7 to get in, I loved this little chapel, made famous by Dan Brown. It was built in the 1400s, and the outside of the structure is still surrounded by scaffolding as the tedious work of restoration continues. After you pay you have to work your way through the wee shop, which is packed full of books about the building and the Masonic connections. But walk through the door and immediately it is cozy and warm and everywhere there are intricate curves of detail swept through the stones. I adored the little pinched up grin of the Green Man, and the way the ceiling seemed to be crystallized - hanging with fragile faith. There are gargoyles outside the chapel above one of the doors, with wide-open mouths out of which the rainwater can spout.
It was small and very crowded, and I found myself wishing to have some time alone in the shadows of this place. There are so many great spots to put a large candle - so much silence that seemed waiting to happen, perched on the cusp of our busy curiosity.


Anonymous said...

when i come visit you have to take me there

Purest Green said...

Can do. We will go many places, including the wonderfully Gothic Glasgow cathedral and the high ceiling glory of St. Mary's in Edinburgh. Unfortunately my favourite chocolate place is going belly up, but we'll find somewhere else.