Saturday, 21 July 2007

Bill Nighy saves summer

As the clock ticks down to festival time in Edinburgh, I have been looking for a new way to cope during the coming weeks. Last year it was Tom Robbins' Ducks Flying Backwards - short wonderful pieces full of metaphor and grrrrr...word juice. This year, armed with my IPod, I shall take advantage of the new site that Bill Nighy is heading up:
Audio books will never be the same with great actors reading the classics. And the best part is I can still be lazy but I can lose my guilt over not reading these books! Ha!


your new best friend said...

i will check that out, anon.
thank you for shedding that light bulb on me too. kids+sitting and reading=#@$%^!
kids+books on tape(ipod)=sweet sweet sweetness :)

Admiral Awesome said...

i liked bill nighy when he was the "science guy"