Monday, 30 July 2007

Colour and fury

At first I didn't like the fly, because I thought it ruined the symmetry of the flower. But now I love the fly, and more than that, I love its shadow. I love how hunched over the shadow looks, like it's about to pounce and escape its master.
Outside I can hear children playing, bouncing a ball on the pavement and calling to each other. The other night I saw a woman near my flat who was out walking her owl. The poor creature, who still bore tufts of its baby feathers on its head, wore a band around each ankle, between which hung a metal chain. It walked awkwardly, each step in a huge circle like it was trying to cycle without pedals. Still so young, it was already massive, sometimes flapping its wings in a confused attempt at freedom. I assumed the bird had been injured and was being rehabilitated. But no - this woman had bought an owl for a pet. I was numb and didn't fully register my fury until I was back inside, when I realized this stupid woman probably had watched too many Harry Potter films and wanted to wear her fascination like a fashion accessory. Why is it, as conservationists struggle to increase the population of various birds of prey in Britain, that just anyone is allowed to purchase and raise a wild animal just for fun? How does this woman have the right to keep a bird like this in a cage for no other reason that for her own amusement?

In other news, the show starts in just a few days, so I may disappear for a month or so. I do plan on taking a lot of photos this year, and I want to try and get the most out of the festival even though I'll be working straight through. The energy of the city is different this year. The weather this "summer" has been appalling, with a lot of rain and really cool evenings. In general there are fewer tourists, and far fewer Americans, since their dollar is so crummy. It has left me with an edgy feeling, just wanting the festival to start so that it can all feel real. So far the buzz just hasn't been there in town. The streets should be busier than that are. But from this weekend the real fun should begin. I hope!
The photos are from Culzean Castle in Ayr, from inside the magnificent walled garden. They had a great statue of the god Pan that I wished I could have in miniature.

And now it's time for bed, because tomorrow is coming, whether I want it to or not.

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Marcheline said...

A few notes:

1. Not all of us Harry Potter fans are that wicked, and Jo Rowling herself posted about the evils of cruelty to wild animals on her website, saying "Down with that sort of thing" regarding owls in cages.

2. I agree about the fly... where is Tom Waits when you need him?

3. I would never keep a statue, miniature or otherwise, of Pan in my house. He brings trouble, and dunno about you but I've already got more than I can handle!