Tuesday, 5 August 2008

This short news bulletin

-John has managed to be stung by a dead bee.

-Through the power of Google, I have found my old friend Simon. I have always remembered that Simon means "he has heard." Even though I have not spoken to him for years, he has always been a calm presence in my life. He hangs around in my mind sometimes. Not really saying anything. Just...being there. Which is usually enough.

-I should have been asleep an hour ago.

-At work it seems we are all taking turns experiencing "the fury."

-Yesterday a man from Amarillo, Texas, gave me a pin badge with black cowboy boots on it.

-I miss just being at home for more than just when I'm going to bed or getting up.

-Today I met two people who were so excited to have gotten Tattoo tickets that they could barely speak

-There is always something I have forgotten.


Anonymous said...

a dead bee? really? so, i guess it must have died from old age, as they usually die from stinging. ergo: he couldn't have ALREADY stung another hapless individual if, indeed, he did sting john.
therefore, john was stung by an old dead bee who received a pension and wore black knee socks.

Purest Green said...

In what kind of currency are bee pensions paid?