Wednesday, 6 August 2008

My neighbourhood phone box reads the weather

It is pouring. From the side. Heavy, tilting rain. I am comfy on my couch. Outside on the Esplanade, the show goes on. All those people are sitting hunched under their rain macs, trying not to move while feeling the drops creep down their faces like the aftermath of an explosion of cold tears.

If anyone fancies a glance at the show as it happens, there is a web cam option:
The show starts at 9pm, so you'll have to time it depending on where you are.
Note - this will not work if you have dial up because it will take too long to load. Actually - i just noticed it seems to have stopped working. I have a feeling it may have drowned. A grey blob covers the screen. Golly.

There is one spot outside my house that I look at to see whether it is raining. From my window I can see directly across to the phone box next to the bus shelter. On top of the phone box, which is always clad in the latest movie poster (Kung Fu Panda has been replaced by Adam Sandler doing the major splits), there is a small pool of water. This pool of water never dries up, because this is Scotland, where dry sounds like some mythical experience to which we may never aspire. Even when it is not raining, the humidity still makes us wet. What can ye dae?

I tried to take a photo but it is too dark now. But tomorrow maybe, or later in the week. I'm going to take some photos of my street. It's really quite boring, but I don't think that matters. I would also like to "tag" others to do the same. Just lean out your door or window (not too far) and take a photo. A shot of a view that you see each and every day. The plain picture of your life.

Since I don't know how this tagging business works, I shall just say - if you are reading this, consider yourself tagged. If you blog, post it. If not, send me the photo and I shall be happy to post a collection. Feel free to take more than one. Perhaps I shall take a photo of the scaffolding on the building next door, which seems like it will never be taken down. Or of all the convenience stores. Or just the park where people takes their dogs to pee. The world of possibilities! But now it is raining. And I'm going to bed.

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