Saturday, 11 October 2008

Kate's Mill, mad dog and wasp stings

Today Craig and I walked along the canal before turning onto the path for the Water of Leith, heading towards Balerno.
One of my favourite spots - Kate's Mill near Slateford:
I especially love the curling stones on the dock.

Along the way we met this dog. His owners were throwing sticks for him off of the bridge. He would lunge after them into the deeper water of the river, the current sweeping him softly away for awhile before he managed to paddle out of it.
Today I was also stung by a wasp! I'm excited because I've been terrified of bees and wasps since I was about five, which was when my brother and I, whilst "exploring" the ground above the root cellar (we like to pretend we were aventurers), tread on a wasp's nest. We panicked and ran around in circles, becoming covered in stings. Ever since then the sight of a wasp or bee has sent me running to hide and it takes ages for me to recover from the shivers. But today I didn't even know the wasp was there and when I went to pull my hand inside the sleeve of my fleece, ZAP! it stung me on the fleshy bit near my thumb. It hurt, but not has much as I thought it would. And I didn't die. My hand ached and went a tiny bit numb, but nothing else happened. It's great when things turn out to be less terrible than I had feared.
This dog had nothing to say for itself. The barcode gave no clues.

These two photos are near the entrace of The Meadows, a lovely area near Edinburgh University with tall trees lining the walkway and big fields where locals play football or just run about for no reason (is there ever a reason for running?). More importantly, near here is Peter's Yard, a Swedish Cafe and bakery where we ate desserts after feasting on Japanese food at a nearby restaurant. I did not take photos of the chocolate mousse or hot chocolate, so you will just have to imagine what they were like.

Finally, I bought myself a wee Greenman candle holder for just £7.50. I am waiting for it to get dark so I can light the candle where his brain should be, and watch his eyes light up.

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