Sunday, 12 October 2008

Together, without context


C.S. Perry said...

There are too many things in life to fear for me to limit myself to God only.
And if my skin begins to glow...well, I'll get to a doctor as fast as I can.

norah said...

when i read that first one really quickly i thought it said "fear god online"
hee hee.

happy thanksgiving S !

Anonymous said...

i see these notes as the same message - weird? as in "fear nothing". be human.
package arrived today!!!!! i have a PAC meeting tonite, then i will go home and sleep, then tomorrow I will isten & A-lo was very surprised at receiving the book, she pored over it for 20 minutes before running off to play with her sister. it will be read. oh yes, oh yes.
thank you thank you :)