Sunday, 1 March 2009

My brain is sprouting

My first ever raw food potluck. What an absolute revelation. The food was so bright, so delicious, I could feel my body getting excited as I was eating: "You're feeding me REAL FOOD!"
Now, I do eat plenty of fruits and veggies, but I remain fairly addicted to sugar and fat, especially in the form of chocolate, bread, cheese, etc. Even though I know these foods make me feel sluggish and are a big part of the problem with regard to my mood swings, I still crave them, and I still eat them. Around and around the cycle goes.
But today I feel like I was introduced to an entirely new world. I began to realize that it is absolutely possible for me to feel better. Not just have more energy but even sort out the hormone problems that have dogged me since I was a teenager and which have become more pronounced in my 30s.
I don't plan on running out to buy a dehydrator, but I have bought a juicer and I will soon buy a larger food processor (I taxed my little one too much over the holidays, causing smoke to pour out of it). I will also try to spout my own greens on my windowsill. It is remarkable to eat a green shoot that you have just cut, to put that still living food in your mouth. You can taste the sunlight in there, and it's the best thing ever.
I have ordered myself a couple of books to get me started. While I don't plan on making a full switch, I do hope I can give my current diet a boost that might help me to kick the sugar habit. I hate the sense of helplessness I have with regard to sugar - that quick high that always sends me crashing and wanting more.
So hurrah for raw food! If anyone has a chance to attend such a thing as a raw food potluck, I highly recommend it. There are people out there who are living this lifestyle, who can help you reconnect with your enthusiasm for food. If nothing else, it makes for a damn fine meal.


Dale said...

Yum. It looks lovely!

Anonymous said...

"i am so hungy" so says my kids. i stuff as much living food as i can into them and i, in between the pb & j samiches of course. i feel like gardening again. i am feeling better finally :)