Wednesday, 4 March 2009

No Sleep

It is 3am. I have not had insomnia like this in ages. There is just no sleep in me, and I have to go to work in not very many hours. I am in that stage where I am telling myself, "if I go to sleep will still get four hours of sleep."

Sigh. Part of it is because I went to a conference and now my mind is full of thoughts and ideas. Part of it is because my knees hurt, something that has been plaguing me for awhile. And part of it is that I miss the manboy. I always feel restless after he leaves for the week, and it takes me awhile to settle again.

I just want to go to sleep. Someone knock me over the skull.

1 comment:

Dick said...

As a long-term deep insomniac (in bursts), I wish you the deepest and most dreamless of slumbers.