Tuesday, 28 April 2009

A gift for the ghost ship

One of my favourite artists, Kundry, has been watching a lot of Pirates of the Caribbean. While no doubt she is waiting patiently for the celebrations to commence for this year's International Talk Like A Pirate Day, in the meantime she has gone and created this incredible marvel, Ghost Ship:
As payment for the extreme joy I am taking in viewing this new painting, I am posting this mermaid photo as a gift to the ghost ship. Perhaps she can lead the spirits through the storm.
Kundry's blog is wonderful. It's one of those things that just makes you feel good. Every time she posts a new painting the world gets a little bit more magical.

PS - roll on, September 19th! Yar, matey!


Anonymous said...

will you be here then? we can have a giant admiral b-day/ pirate party. that'd be awesome. admiral awesome. ahoy!

Cheryl said...


Kundry said...

Thank you, matey! And thank you too for this beautiful mermaid! :-) She will fit perfectly on the ghost ship which I know will come for me to take me on the last journey.

Marcheline said...


I don't know if anyone else has mentioned this, but the comments don't seem to be working on your Scotland for the Senses site.

Tried to leave a comment on your latest post, but no dice.

- M

PurestGreen said...

Oops! All is fixed now - thanks for letting me know.