Monday, 27 April 2009

For lovers of doors and doorways


C.S. Perry said...

This really makes me wich I could travel more.
I need to find new mysteries to explore and nothing says mystery like an unopened door.

Marcheline said...

Thank you, thank you - I have doors, too, but they are not within easy reach. I do believe most of them are on Kodak paper prints (shock!) and will have to be scanned. A project I will do later on, promise.

Side note: My mother is a nurse, and she cared for the brother of Dom DeLuise in the hospital for some time. When Mr. DeLuise was being released, he called for my mother, whom he had struck up a friendship with, and he told her: "Stella, you're a hinge." She stood there, not sure what to say, and eventually said, "A hinge?" He said, "Yes! Something to adore."


PurestGreen said...

Hey C.S. - you're out and about - hurrah! New mysteries are sure to open up, besides, I believe you're living one of the greatest mysteries - parenthood.

Marcheline - what a hilarious story. But you know what makes it work? The fact that your mom is called Stella. It turns it into a movie line - something Bogart would say.