Monday, 25 May 2009


Digging through paperwork yesterday I found a disk with some old photos from when I lived in Williams Lake. So this week I'm going to indulge in the past by posting them, starting this this one. I had completely forgotten about it, which makes it extra special.

The postcard countdown has begun! A few Scotland postcards, a random envelope and a Canada postcard have been claimed. This is ridiculous good fun. I'll be doing a mailout every Saturday until they are all gone. Please join in! My email address is:


Cheryl said...

Oh, that's sweet. Cow love. And, ahem, if you have any more Scotland postcards, and my address, I wouldn't mind if you sent me one...merci!

Carolynn said...

That's a great photo. Makes me smile.

I would love to support your efforts to clean out your surplus of postcards. I'll send you an e-mail with my address. :o))


Carolynn said...

I'm not able to access your e-mail link. Feel free to contact me at:


Rikkij said...

Slow day on the farm, eh? save me a scotland PC, Please? i'll get my address to ya! thanks~rick

LP said...

I think the cows must be happier there. Seems like all the cows I see here are on meds. Totally numb.