Sunday, 24 May 2009

The Great Big Postcard Project

I have a "thing" for postcards. And cards. And pens. And notebooks.

Over the last year or two I have amassed a small mountain of postcards, cards and envelopes. When I buy them my intention is always to send them. But some how it just never seems to happen, and the collection just grows and grows.

I have postcards leftover from last year's trips to Canada, London and Stratford. I have a heap of postcards depicticting works of art I vaguely remember seeing (or didn't see at all - I just liked the card). I keep envelopes that don't fit any card, for letters that I never get around to sending.

Recently my love joked about the clutter in the flat and remarked, "you never throw anything away." Well, today I started a little clearout to attempt to address this problem. Let me be clear: I actually have no problem getting rid of things away. It's the cleaning part I hate.

So with my address book at the ready, I hereby vow not to allow myself to buy any postcards or cards until all of the below have been sent away. I have however far more cards than I have addresses. So please join me in my joyful purge by emailing me your address along with a note of what kind of card you would like to receive. Those desiring a random envelope shall receive a letter. Let it be known that I also have plenty of airmail stickers (I seem to collect those too...oops).

Our starting tally:

Postcards from Scotland: 18
Postcards from England: 18
Postcards of random paintings & photography:20
Postcards of Haida art and scenes from the Westcoast of Canada: 12
Cartoon postcards: 3
Scotland CD Rom Postcard: 1
Birthday Cards: 2
Cards depicting scenes of folk laughing: 8
Random envelopes: 4

Grand Total: 85

I have created a wee box over on the sidebar thing ---> to help me to count down and remove sections as I complete them. Perhaps I will celebrate at the end by doing something I used to love to do - sending one person a parcel of random small treats.

Thank you!


ellen abbott said...

What fun. Fun for the sender, fun for the receiver.

Anonymous said...

Can we keep the Oscar Wilde card?

PurestGreen said...

Yes, my love, the Wilde card stays - it's in a frame. But the David Bowie card is in the stack for sending, as is the Pulp Fiction cartoon. :)

Rikkij said...

OOH! I like this! Such fun!

Marcheline said...

Nothing but Scotland for me, ma dearie!

- M

Anonymous said...

if you send me a post card.
i promise that i will read it whilst chuggin' an irn bru!