Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Mountain race

The leaders of the pack, Tsi Del Del Mountain Race. The photo is about eight years old but remains one of my favourite shots that I've taken. I am crouched behind a log on the other side of the creek.

Once they charge down the mountain the riders race across a wide plain to the finish line, the horses kicking up plumes of Chilcotin dust as they run.

A handful of the most experienced horsemen take part in this nerves-of-steel section of the annual rodeo. Tsi Del Del is a small community, but they still put on one of the best rodeos in the Cariboo-Chilcotin.


Dale said...

Okay, this sent me on swift wikipedia recon. There are really 2,000 speakers of Chilcotin? I had no idea!

Wonderful photo.

Rikkij said...

the colours really work well here, and the distance and angle are perfect. Even the expression on the one in front. (man) great shot!~rick

LP said...

this is dead sexy. i often find myself saying "where have all the cowboys gone?"

okay now i know.
amazing shot!

Janelle said...

MAN! WHAT A FANTASTIC PIC. obviously i love it coz of the horse thing...but also FANTASTIC picture...XXX j

Anonymous said...

I could so outrun those soft arsed cowboys. In my car. Probably.

Ruth said...

No wonder you are proud of this photo, the action is intense - you can see it in their faces.

sallymandy said...

This is a really great photograph. You have lots of interesting posts here on your blog. Thanks...!

p.s. you have a Valued Followers Award at my blog.