Thursday, 28 May 2009

A rancher's smile

Staying the course this week with some of my old favourites from the Cariboo Chilcotin. I interviewed this woman, a truly remarkable creature. Tough as nails, but always with a ready smile.

Here she is laughing at how badly the training of her and her husband's new puppy was going. Their other herd dog was getting old and this little one was expected to learn fast in order to take over the job of keeping the cattle in line.

But the puppy just wanted to herd everything in sight, and coming between a cow and her calf never goes down well. So she had to be carried off the field.


ellen abbott said...

I'm enjoying these pictures. Pardon my ignorance but where, what is Cariboo Chilcotin?

Rikkij said...

what is a cariboo chilcotin? sounds like a cocktail. Maybe that's why she's so happy? ~rick

PurestGreen said...

If you google Cariboo Chilcotin Coast, you'll find the tourism site. It's in the interior of B.C. Ranching and logging country. Over here I tell people that there are two seasons - Rodeo and Hockey.

Dale said...

Another great photo!