Saturday, 20 March 2010

Chocolate Absinthe Masks

Today I took a special journey to The Chocolate Tree, treated myself to a sit-down with a cup of loose-leaf English Breakfast tea and a beautiful piece of chocolate cake that was layered with the most glorious ganache.

So. Very. Good.
And these wee darlings, which are currently my favourite chocolate creation available in Edinburgh. There is something mysterious about them, and while I only buy them occasionally, sometimes they call to me until I make the trip to Bruntsfield to buy some.

I cannot describe them better than their creators:

"A curious blend of high quality french absinthe, fresh cream and dark chocolate result in a lusciously smooth and slightly mind bending flavour."

Raw food club tomorrow. I am making my tropical fruit tart and plan to churn some raw cocoa nibs into the base. For a savoury dish I'm thinking of a sundried tomato brazil nut cheeze on cucumber and tomato stacks.


Candice said...

I love the chocolate masks. I might find that I have a hard time eating them, wanting to keep just one to admire.

The brazil nut cheese on cuc & tom snacks sound so good.
We are eating dinner at relatives tonight.. always an adventure in gastronomy ..

Julia Christie said...

You are a culinary wonder! I wish I had your talent - I really do. I am very envious of good cooks. I just keep cooking the same 10 dishes my mother cooked while I was growing up in a rotation...You inspire me to try something new.

Angela Recada said...

Your descriptions of food (of everything, actually) are so delightfully sensual. What an amazingly aware woman you are! Your Scotsman is a very lucky man.

The chocolate sounds heavenly.

Happyone :-) said...

My mouth is watering. I'd love a piece of chocolate right about now!!

Jeanne said...

Those are so beautiful, and at the same time a little unsettling....

Carol Anne Strange said...

Wow ... these chocolate masks are calling out to me. What a treat! xx