Saturday, 24 April 2010

Sweet, sweet spring and puppy excellence

There is something happening to my nose. Either the world is smelling better than ever or the hoover on my face has increased its olfactory powers.

Today I was out and about in Bo’ness, near where I used to live in Linlithgow. Walking around the grounds at Kinneil Estate, I was drunk on the sweetness in the air. The trees were filled with birdsong and the world seemed to pulse with life.
It used to say I was a staunch autumn woman, in love with the slowing pace and syrupy scent of death from the fallen leaves. But every year that passes in Britain (My 5 year anniversary is in one week, on my birthday), I am falling more in love with spring.

Green is once again taking over. The world is becoming soft and lush and it makes me remember not to fault all the rain that falls on Scotland throughout the year, especially the winter. Without the water, the world would not look the way it did today, like Eden.
Another highlight was meeting my bloggy friend Jayne and her gorgeous puppies. I loved Max the Whippet immediately, with his beautiful coat, big dreamy eyes and fondness for cuddling, not to mention the glorious floppy puppy ears that don’t know what they’re doing. Pip the jack russel could stare you down until you relinquished whatever it was you were withholding - a walk, a biscuit, her ball. She is relentless and very bouncy.
It was a good day. Tomorrow I am hosting my first raw food potluck. Up to 15 raw foodists in my little flat, which I have yet to clean. Wish me luck.


Anonymous said...

bonne chance! i also am appreciating spring all the more. i thought it was due to my growing older. spring always seems so miraculous to me now.

ellen abbott said...

Oh glorious glorious spring!

Kay said...

love the green photos and the pups!

lakeviewer said...

Yes, spring gives our olfactory a tune up!
A raw food pot-luck? Do tell.

Karen Lana said...

Love all the photos but there's something about the one of the gate, wall and tree that grabs me deep in my heart.

Beautiful pups! (We have a Max too).

kj said...

well! you have described my sentiments about spring precisely! sometimes i breathe in the air and i feel totally content.

i love all your photos here, but the dogs are totally beautiful.


Notes from a Broad said...

Your photographs deserve to be in a book .. one of those large leather bound books that show them off in all their glory.

The pups are lovely and you caught that Pup-ness so well, the staring... oh the staring. Large Poodles do the same thing ! must be part of the genetic mix... staring abilities..

I still love autumn the best ( which is where we are now) but I do remember the joy at the first sight of green after a long dreary cold winter.
Enjoy your Spring ...
Listen to Vivaldi's Four Seasons :)

5 years !! and a Birthday !! ( jot that down on my calendar )


Marcheline said...

Great pups! Great pics! Great post. Am jealous that I can't come to your flat and eat your raw noms.

Which day, exactly, is your b-day?

Now, quit stalling and get hoovering! (I just wanted to say "hoovering". It's so Brit!)


ms toast burner said...

Absolutely wonderful photos!

That's all I can think of to say! :-)

Jayne said...

I've taken a lot of pics of my dogs but I've never managed anything as good as these.

Pip is staring into the soul and Max is just being so pretty. Caught his colouring so well.

Very pleased they are now famous in the blogosphere.

PurestGreen said...

They are the loveliest dogs. I have such a crush on Max. When I got home I looked up information about Whippets. I think if I ever get a dog I would like a Whippet, just for those eyes and the cuddling.

Countdown to birthday goodness this Saturday. I'm a proud beltane baby. :)

Scotsman said...

When I lived in Scotland I liked the look of autumn but I couldn't much enjoy it, for me it meant weeks of leaf raking that never seemed to end until Winter was well and truly making its presence felt. I much preferred Spring, there is something special in seeing the new calves and lambs in the fields, the almost luminous green of the new leaves and the feel of the warmer longer days and the promise of summer not too far away that season that doesn't really arrive, or if it does doesn't last quite long enough.

Michael said...

Lovely photos. A little advanced of our spring, but I'll know it'll come. Thanks for the preview!