Sunday, 26 April 2009

A work in progress

Well, here it is. I would be heartily grateful for any comments and suggestions. It is liable to change over the coming weeks and months, hopefully improving along the way.

Now that I have sloughed off my attempts to be technical and am just focusing on what I love to do (writing, photography and sweet sensual goodness) I'm looking forward to the journey.

And I mean it about the first 10 followers getting a treat. Since I'm about to head up north next week, I think some good old fashioned Scottish tablet is in order. Any takers?

And because I'm happy, everyone gets a cuddle.


The Girl From Cherry Blossom Street said...

Well done. Congratulations! Let's pop the champagne!

Anonymous said...

awesome! cannae wait ta read it...will have to wait to be unwrapped tho' as i am packing today while i have no kids underteet :)

Colinus said...


Glad you like my blog. Please feel free to visit.

Keep writing and posting and I will keep a regular visits.


Emperor C.

Marcheline said...

Love the new heading pic! Gorse, gorse, wonderful gorse - but if ye gae through it, stay on yer horse!

Now back to catching up on all your past blog posts. I've been at it for three days solid, and I'm only up to January of this year.

If I didn't have to work, it would be so much easier... not having to stop at all...

Janelle said...

what a sweet j

PurestGreen said...

Thanks, all!

B.G. - "underteet"? That must make it difficult to do most things, especially jog.

Marcheline you are one dedicated reader! I am unloading all my doorway photos as a treat for you.

Marcheline said...

WAIT, wait... I just figured out that you started ANOTHER blog... but, but... your FIRST blog was already my favorite one, and now I have to have TWO FAVORITES!

Oh, the pressure.

I a-door you.