Tuesday, 21 July 2009

A storm, and a sad motoring farewell

Just minutes ago, a moth was flapping desperately against my window, soaring up and down against the glass as it tried to dig through to the light bulb in my living room.

Now the moth’s trail is replaced by streaks of rain, and every few minutes I see the lightening dash across the sky like a fiery ribbon. Here comes the thunder. Oh, it’s getting closer. I feel a chill. These summer storms - I cannot remember storms like this in Edinburgh since I’ve been here. It is because this season has been consistently warm and muggy. Something has to give.

I wonder how close it will get. I am tempted to light the candles, but I will hold off. Lighting them in the autumn, when I first notice the true shift into the Dark time, has become a ritual for me. However, looking outside into the gloom, it feels just about dark enough.

Today is also the day we say goodbye to Christine. Christine was a good car. She took us to Blackpool and twice to Stratford, as well as all over Scotland, to the very top of the mainland. She has seen us safely through countless adventures, while Chuck the wheezing rubber chicken rode shotgun in the glove compartment. Three times we have sat in her in the rain, eating fish suppers. We even slept in her while a gale roared outside and carried away the tent that we had earlier abandoned. Yes, Christine was a good car.

Somehow, Christine got wind that JP was going to retire her. On his way to Edinburgh yesterday, she showed her owner just what she thought of being sent to the scrap heap in the sky. With an almighty clunk, the exhaust fell and dangled by a metallic sinew. I imagine it was like a terrible Dr. Who moment, as a hail of sparks began to fly from the back of the car and the drooping exhaust flung between the two back tires, causing the whole car to wobble.
Because he is lucky, my beloved escaped unscathed and even made it home in the car, with the exhaust pinned back up as a temporary measure. Now there is a new car to see us on new adventures. One with fewer miles on the pedometer and a bit more shine to it. I am told the car’s name is Roger. I myself will pronounce it as it is said in Life of Brian. As in “Wewease Woger.”

But still. Let’s raise our glasses and remember Christine. She was a good car, and we’ll miss her. Give us a wave, old girl.


Rikkij said...

Sophia-the queen is dead, long live the king! It's funny, the chicken looks a bit like Christine. I wish I had your weather. I watched the open all weekend fron Turnberry. Please, please, send me fare! ~rick

Carol Anne Strange said...

Strange summer we're having! Weather very unsettled here in north west England too. Wishing farewell to Christine!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that Sophia, that was a very sweet post.

Anonymous said...

i think that if you watched the remake of the avengers starring uma thurman it will explain the weather thiing.

LDWatkins said...

Beautiful pictures! Yes, I agree with Rick, wish we had some of your weather. I, too, watched the Open!!! Amazing how we get attached to our cars!

ellen abbott said...

We finally retired our most beloved Volvo after 25 years. she still sits in the drive way, one tire flat. Her engine still turns over, she wants to go but her body and accouterments have wasted away. We drove her to the moon and then some.

btw, I have your letter here, written and everything. I just seem unable to get it to the post office. Have made a few (well, OK, one) attempt to mail it but the line was long, only one window open and moving at a snail's pace. I admit I didn't have the patience. Will try again soon.

Amelia said...

Bye bye Christine! I think everyone is having strange weather...it is DEF not like it is typically here. There is usually no humidity and alot less rain. Nevertheless, the view is STILL gorgeous! :)

Thank you for your love and support. *hugs*

Lille Diane said...

I have always had a hard time saying goodbye to my faithful, and not so faithful cars. I now see I have missed out on some fun by not having a rubber chicken in my glove box. I am on it like a bee on honey. What fun! I will be out chicken shopping tomorrow. :-)

The pics are awesome.

Buh bye, Christine. Hmmmm a car named Christine. Kinda like a Stephen King story I once read. I hope she won't haunt you. LOL

Jessica said...

Reminds me of a Land Rover we once had called Black Beauty, who in all her blackness gave a mechanic a heart attack while he was working on her. She never could be tamed and is alas- gladly- with another family.